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Catering for Change

The cataclysmic events in Japan on Friday have rocked the world. They serve to illustrate how even the best preparations are sometimes inadequate. Even the best early warning systems, the strictest building codes and world-leading nuclear regulatory schemes were overwhelmed … Continue reading

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The Pain of Change

A colleague of mine in a big retailer once told me, “Until the pain of staying the same exceeds the worst imagined pain of change, nothing changes”. He was right. Recent events around the world have certainly borne out the … Continue reading

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Changing Television

When I was a boy, we had a lot of different TVs. A black & white mono one in NYC in the early-to-mid 1960s, another one in Switzerland & Holland in the late 60s & early 70s, a colour one … Continue reading

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Changing Home Communications Infrastructure

30 years ago, the then state-owned telecommunications monopoly, Telecom Australia (now Telstra) paid a visit. They were installing a pulse-dial phone service. I asked how fast a dial-up modem could go on that service. The technician showed me the pit … Continue reading

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Changes in Aspen

Aspen, Colorado is one of those places you expect to weather almost any storm – meteorological, economic, social or otherwise. In some ways, that’s true. Since the Second World War, Aspen has grown to become the playground of the rich … Continue reading

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What a Year For Change

The last 12 months have been extraordinary in terms of change. An African-American in the White House. The Global Financial Crisis and The Great Recession. The collapse of the US Automotive Industry and the resurrection of GM & Chrysler as … Continue reading

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The Changed World Financial Situation

Over the last few weeks, the world’s governments, bankers, economist and media have been fixated on a Financial Crisis. It seems to have started as a consequence of the sub-prime mortgage practices in the US. This crisis has gripped the … Continue reading

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Changing Back

The first computer I ever bought with my own money was an Apple Macintosh in 1984. Before that, personal computing meant sharing a computer with other people – at school, at work or some other place (like a college dorm … Continue reading

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Changing the Game – Apple’s iPhone 3G

Getting an iPhone 3G in Australia has been a long wait with a wonderful surprise at the end. Like so many things Steve Jobs has done in 30 years of innovation, there’s a strange combination of secrecy and publicity surrounding … Continue reading

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Changing of the Guard at Microsoft

Bill Gates’ widely-reported departure from Microsoft yesterday is the kind of event that aptly evokes cliches like "end of an era". Demonised by many, revered by others, Gates’ exit has been a remarkably gradual and more importantly a managed affair. … Continue reading

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