WASP on my father’s side, Greek/Italian from Egypt on my mother’s side. Grew up in the US, EU, UK & Australia as a corporation ex-pat brat. Private-school educated. Married a wonderful Italian-Australian woman 27 years ago, still going strong. No kids – increasingly happy with that. Living in inner-city Melbourne in a 130 year-old 2-storey Victorian terrace house.

IT guy for the past 30+ years. Love to travel, love to fly, love to ski. Love my Audi S4 after 20+ years driving BMW 3-series. Try to get to EU or US most northern winters for some big mountain skiing. Try to get to NZ most southern winters for some off-piste skiing. Adore Melbourne restaurants. Trying to keep out of them.


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  1. Eric Armour says:

    Hi Fred, I got your contact info from a Kilembe Hospital blog. My mother, Sascha and father, John Kay Armour lived in Kasese with your grandfather from 1951 to 1957. My brother Douglas and sister Kathleen were born in Uganda and brought up in Kasese. My father was the chief electrical engineer for the power fed to Jinja. If you are intetested in seeing some films of those times, let me know at e.s.armour@gmail.com. Cheers, Eric

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